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Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy

gohome aims to do the absolute best we can to ensure that we use the most environmentally considered means possible to create our products, and in doing so provide an earth friendly alternative. For instance, the material used in the Launch Stool is polyethylene which is a recyclable material that has minimal impact on the environment. It does not contribute to landfill.  Polyethylene consists of the elements carbon and hydrogen. When polyethylene is burnt under controlled conditions, it eventually breaks down to carbon dioxide and water.

The raw materials used in our wooden products all come from a sustainable source thereby ensuring our native forests live on for the next generation.

All gohome‘s wooden furniture are certfied FSC product.

Minimal packaging

All gohome‘s packaging is carefully designed to minimise excess, utilise recyclable material (where possible) and provide a value-added benefit to the end product.