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WOOCS 2.1.4

Woodies Collection – Daisy Dipolodocus Small


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Product Description

Woodies – Australian designed, sustainably grown beechwood toys with elasticised movement.

About Daisy: I’m a chilled dinosaur who doesn’t like to walk very fast. My tail is so long it’s makes me one of the longest animals to roam the earth. I am what you call a plant eater or herbivore. I am part of the Woodies collection of friendly and flexible wooden objects.

I was born in a sustainable growth beechwood forest and should live on forever if taken care of properly. Please pass me on to the next generation so that I don’t end up as landfill.

Size: 23cm L x 4cm W x 7.6cm H

Additional Information

Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 5 × 24 × 7.5 cm